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Welcome to my portolio of my most recent web development works and experience design projects.

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HTML/CSS Projects

Senior Capstone Project

The Senior Year Capstone Project required us to work in groups with fellow SMAD classmates and CIS majors from JMU College of Business. We were to work with a client and provide them with a web based system for their product. We pulled in all our design and UX expertise from our time in School of Media Arts and Design, researched users and created personas, branded the company, and provided a feasible design for a system. Although after completing Sprint 1 on March 5 2020 the group project was brought to a full stop due to COVID-19. For the rest of the semester we worked individually and for my final design, I created a high-fidelity prototype for our systems from the point of view of a front end designer.

A site building project from the early days. It is designed with basic HTML and Grid-CSS. The purpose of it is to showcase the understanding the Grid-CSS (building blocks for bootstrap), and information hierarchy, organization, and site structure for a retail site.

Designed with basic HTML and Grid-CSS, this website is a showcase for my original content. The Site was designed as a part of the coursework for my Minor in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. The pictures on display are from my travels, and the name of the site is inspired by Australian Artist Courtney Barnett's song City Looks Pretty.

This Website was my first attempt at using the Bootstrap Framework. The subject of this site is soccer, a hobby that I am passionate about, and it is inspired by COPA90, a YouTube channel, and their video series by the same name.

This site is an advanced attempt at creating a bootstrap site. It was designed for fellow SMAD students of a Videography and Documentary class. The content of this site was provided by them and it was my objective to design a site and showcase their content.

UX Research and Design Projects

Night Planner paper prototype

Night Planner is an Application designed for college students to help facilitate their weekend and evening activities. This was yet another team based project designed to challange our data and reserach analysis, usability testing, and prototyping skills.

This was a final team-project for an E-commerce and Consultancy class. Our team fulfilled a role of Consultant Agency as we reseachered logistics and other necessary material to derive a proper business plan for Locate Inc. To learn more please visit our proposal website.

About Me

Hello, my name is Shaunak. I am a recent graduate of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, with a degree from the Interaction Design Program from the School of Media arts and Design. I am currently based out of Virginia as my hometown is Roanoke; however, I am considering all opportunities. This Website is showcasing my class related projects from my years in the Interactive Design program at JMU. My proficiency lies in coding and along with it, I have also obtained essential skills that come with studying and understanding user experience and how to make it the best it can be. I hope my individual coding projects and group UX projects can reflect these skills. Thank you for visiting and please get in touch with me if you have and inquiries, comments or questions.


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